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Hidde Hoogcarspel

Why did our GP start a sustainable company called: Spacebuzz: inspiring children to become ambassadors of planet earth?

The SpaceBuzz was conceived and developed by a team of enthusiastic professionals: dreamers, thinkers, designers, doers and the daredevils. First you need the dreamers: people who come up with an idea. Then the thinkers – the people who further develop the plans. The doers ensure that it gets off the ground in reality. And the daredevils? They invest their resources because they believe in the future (

What is the company about?

We built Spacebuzz with the idea of letting children experience the so-called “overview effect,” which basically meant a cognitive shift in awareness reported by many astronauts that make them experience our planet as boundary-less “tiny fragile ball of life.”

What does it look like?

To combat the idea of simply sending children into space, we built a bus that created an experience, supported by AR and VR technology, that would mimic the overview effect. The bus had to look like a real space-rocket in order to amplify that feeling of going into space. 

Why is this important?

The idea for the future is that people all around the world will be inspired by our mission and will ask us for the VR video to replicate the Spacebuzz experience in their own country. The video is all you need to set it up, but the effect it has lives on.

Our goal has always been to raise a generation that — conceiving planet Earth as our shared home we need to look after together — will be cognitively better equipped to tackle global issues such as climate change (Hidde Hoogcarspel in Forbes).

How is this an example of sustainability?


How has this influenced Dutch Founders Fund?

That goal has never left me and has stayed the same when joining Dutch Founders Fund. 

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