The world needs disruptive thinking and sustainable business models to solve the biggest problems we have as human-kind.

Remco van Zanten

The world needs disruptive thinking and business models to solve the biggest problems we have as humankind. We believe tech is a major enabler of that. We know it’s hard to build companies, that’s why we build a community that helps founders who are tackling bigger societal problems with  We formed a network and additionally we have our fund in which we give their companies that are agents of change to accelerate growth. Advice and experience, but also capital to those players we believe can accelerate this change and have a sustainable impact on the benefit of the world and built a sustainable company.

We believe the vital starting point in many industries is by tackling simplicity and transparency in the value chain, and we believe that marketplaces are a good starting point. That’s why we mainly do marketplace investment, because we believe it’s the most efficient way of our capital, talent, and resources to drive overall tech for good, to start solving societal problems by being more efficient with the limited resources we have on this earth.

The Dutch Founders Movement

The Dutch Founders form a community of people who want to solve societal problems, specifically through tech. More so, a community of people who help build companies and use tech for good.

The Dutch Founders Fund

A manifestation of the movement: capital that we can use and apply to enable companies to solve those societal problems with sustainable solutions.

In short the ‘Why’

This world is unfairly distributed & we have limited resources.

We, as a society, need to become more efficient and fair

We, as a movement, believe that disruptive tech companies are an important enabler for humanity to become better at this.

So we want to help in this development with our knowledge, network, coaching, and capital from our fund.

Why marketplaces then?

Marketplaces are marked by sustainability. It is where demand and ask meet that transparency, equal piece of the pie and accessibility meet. 

GP Hidde Hoogcarspel on ‘why sustainability is part of who we are’

Initially to share knowledge with young companies and young entrepreneurs. Why VC specifically? Innovation takes the world a step further. As a VC you can make the most impact. Help shape the future. Founders are the one that come up with sustainable solutions for the future. It is then our task to accelerate that solution into the world. By sharing knowledge and money, the search towards finding that sustainable solution (or product market-fit) is accelerated.

Scaling founders together. Collaboration is an essential part. You need complementary knowledge - the sum of its parts is greater than the whole. What is success? A company that tackles those societal issues in a sustainable way and stands on its own two feet.

Hidde Hoogcarspel

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