The Dutch Founders Fund is an early-stage venture capital fund from Amsterdam, started by a group of successful Dutch entrepreneurs like Laurens Groenendijk (Just Eat, Treatwell, Miinto, Hiber), Patrick Kerssemakers (fonQ), Bas Beerens (WeTransfer), Hidde Hoogcarspel (Spacebuzz) and Remco van Zanten (ex, Zalando, BCG).

We know from experience what it's like to deal with many different stakeholders and how to overcome early-stage growth pains. Starting a company is easy; building a company is something else. We believe in intense mentoring, from ideation to your series A.

What we like.

Marketplaces that disrupt or reimagine traditional supply-chains.

Products or services with strong network effects.

Marketplace enablers. This includes any technology that facilitates frictionless marketplace transactions, from FinTech solutions to supply-chain tech.

SaaS enabled marketplaces.

Wildcards. We will never say no to truly exceptional ideas.

What we Look for.

Companies that provide a sustainable solution to society’s challenges by providing transparency and efficiency. Whether it’s freight forwarding or employee benefits, we invest in overlooked markets and platforms that cut out the middleman. And our founders? We look for go-getters, a builder mentality and people with infinite curiosity.

What we expect from you.

You are willing to get your limits pushed and ideas challenged. You are willing to dream big and do big. You are not afraid to hit the gas. You are headstrong, but coachable.

Our Commitment.

The founders pledge. We dive deep and get dirty. We talk tactics and look at the nitty-gritty details of your business case. Partner with us and see how we provide far more than just capital.

Our Values.


Keeping it
Simple & Transparent.

Tackling complex industries through simple and elegant propositions. Right up our alley.



Everyone should be able to get a slice of the pie. Time to reassess the value chain.



Knowledge sharing sits at the heart of our fund. Get familiar with us and see how we pay it forward.

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