How our companies contribute to sustainability

So, how does our portfolio contribute to a more sustainable planet and sustainability in general? We’ve highlighted a few of our portfolio companies below.

Through re-commerce, reverse.supply contributes to sustainable retail, responsible consumption and a circular economy.

reverse.supply helps fashion brands & retailers become more sustainable by enabling them to own the resale of their products.

reverse.supply understands that customers want to live and consume more sustainably. reverse.supply therefore allows brands & retailers to offer their customers an option to extend the lifespan of their products and leverage the ecological impact of production, logistics and recycling more effectively.

High-quality products can be sold up to three more times, enabling brands to get full value out of all products made.

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Vamstar is accelerating sustainability, supplier diversity, and supply chain security in healthcare procurement.

Vamstar uses AI to improve procurement and sourcing in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, making the market more efficient and sustainable.

Vamstar has the potential for significant social impact by maximising industry savings (amid rising healthcare costs), improving access to healthcare, and enabling better patient care. By digitising procurement and sourcing processes for both buyers and sellers, Vamstar also promotes good governance principles, including a competitive and fair bidding process.

Vamstar's procurement framework can help healthcare services to better prepare for COVID-19 waves, and can guide the healthcare industry to post COVID-19 pandemic recovery.

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Minimum helps businesses to start the journey towards Net Zero.

Businesses use Minimum to comprehensively measure their Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 carbon emissions, plan and execute their Net Zero strategy, and achieve best-in-class Sustainability reporting and certification standards.

Minimum lets businesses easily identify the most effective way to reduce their carbon footprint or offset carbon emissions. Minimum also offers best-in-class carbon accounting and reporting software for investment funds. Minimum helps Dutch Founders Fund to monitor carbon emissions across our fund and portfolio, offering better insights and more control over the impact of our business. Minimum enables us to fulfil our sustainability commitments and support our portfolio companies to do the same.

With more than 110 countries committed to reach carbon neutrality by 2050 (including US, Japan, UK) and the SEC's Climate and ESG task force in place, market signals are well in Minimum’s favour.

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Shypple offers sustainable shipping solutions for the maritime shipping industry.

The maritime shipping industry emits around 2.5% of all greenhouse gases released each year, mainly due to its reliance on fossil fuels. To counteract its environmental impact, Shypple offers more sustainable shipping solutions, including:

- Shipping goods with biofuel; and
- Compensation for emissions by joining Shypple's reforestation program.

Shypple gives customers the data-driven insights they need to streamline their logistics, make more sustainable choices, and reduce their carbon footprint. Shypple has partnered with SeaRoutes, a GLEC-certified organization, to provide highly accurate CO₂e numbers for every shipment. Shypple has partnered with various other organisations, including Goodshipping, Forest Nation, and Value Maritime, to support its sustainability mission.

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Northladder creates transparency and conscious consumerism from selling pre-owned electronics.

Northladder’s platform for selling used electronic devices strengthens the circular economy, while promoting sustainability and conscious consumerism. Every electronic device sold on Northladder’s platform ends up in another consumer’s hands, rather than on a landfill. Northladder also improves transparency by disintermediating the supply chain, while ensuring customers get the highest price in the market.

Electronic and electrical waste generated in 2021 has been estimated to weigh more than 57 million tons, while raw materials (primarily iron, copper, gold) lost in electronic waste lead to pollution and health hazards. Less than 20% of global electronic waste is recycled. For Northladder, the most logical solution is to extend the lifespan of electronic devices for as long as possible.

Northladder looks to scale its operations with the overarching mission of reducing the tech industry's carbon footprint and working towards a more sustainable future.

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Govin makes governance more transparent and actionable.

Govin helps venture capitalists and company founders to ensure good governance and regulatory compliance, while saving time and reducing costs. Govin understands the importance of having a detailed understanding of constitutional documents for good governance. With its platform, Govin provides insight into essential governance processes (e.g. resolution management), which helps investors, company founders and management to make informed decisions and be compliant in a simple and confident way.

Govin centralises all governance data and workflows, providing an automated paper trail for governance. It also automatically checks and sends out periodic updates for corporate housekeeping (such as filing annual accounts) so that businesses can stay on top of compliance.

Govin's legaltech also helps to identify and reduce directors' liability risks and legal overheads. It gives directors a clear understanding of company rules, and helps directors to remain in control and avoid liability. While investment funds, including Dutch Founders Fund, plan for the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) requirements, Govin ensures that Governance reporting is not overlooked.

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