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Bas Rieter
March 15, 2022

Given the devastating situation in Ukraine, we figured to give you an update how you can help. We have also listed various great initiatives by our portfolio companies

Instead of informing you about marketplaces and funding rounds, we figured to take this opportunity to highlight some fantastic initiatives or ways to donate to the country of Ukraine right now.

The broader tech and VC community have shown amazing efforts to help, with examples like this exhaustive notion page by Startup Wise Guys, Airbnb opening up shelter for Ukrainian refugees, or this platform that connect displaced Ukrainians to tech companies. We have included a break-down of how our portfolio companies and other organizations can help. On a last note, we like to highlight Netherlands 4 Ukraine in particular, an initiative set up by fellow VC investor Bas Godska. The organisation has direct contact with people in Kyiv. By joining one of the whatsapp groups, you can see where your help is needed most.

Portfolio Relief

Shypple - Shypple has opened its network, office and connections to help the people of Ukraine. They can help with:

  • Transport (from border to Rotterdam)
  • Visas for People
  • Permits for Companies
  • Housing
  • Office space
  • A Job or Job Application Support
  • Financial Support

Please see this link for more info or contact the founder Jarell Habets directly at

Nostics - Nostics is using their infrastructure and contacts to gather and send medical supplies like surgical disinfection and medical gloves to Ukraine. Together with other scaleups like, Meatable and BPF, they are sending more medical supplies. If you would like to help, please contact the founder Vincent Laban at

Lumaly - Lumaly’s dev team can help Ukrainians with finding new housing in Germany. Contact founder Noah at

Blanco - Blanco has set up a task force that is in close contact with people in contested areas. There is a pressing need for the following:

  • relocation of people from Ukraine to safe areas ( both transportation and housing is needed for this);
  • absence of clear and working algorithms on how foreigners can join the military forces in Ukraine ( the applications should go through the Embassy while the embassy is overwhelmed;);
  • transportation of foreigners who join Ukraine forces to the borders;
  • job possibilities for people in Ukraine or from Ukraine who do not have refugee status.
  • supply of humanitarian help

The Ukrainian hub in Rotterdam can help with these needs. More info about them here.

YourCampus - Employees can now directly donate their benefits budget to the people of Ukraine. More info here.

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